The Volunteer Friendly Award

We involve volunteers because they are motivated, have fun helping and tell us it lets them give something back to the community. Volunteers are crucial to Brae.

Mary Sneddon, Centre Manager,
Brae RDA Partnership (Riding for the Disabled).


The Volunteer Friendly Award was selected as a Change Champions project and received funding to be rolled out across Scotland through SCVO’s Supporting Voluntary Action programme, funded by the Big Lottery.  A programme of start-up sessions was organised in 2010-2011 to introduce interested Volunteer Centres and interfaces to the Award and to train their staff to use the Volunteer Friendly Checklist and Toolkit and many have now offering the Volunteer Friendly Award to groups in their area.

If you are an organisation or group interested in applying for the Volunteer Friendly Award, contact your nearest licensed Volunteer Centre or interface:

or contact Volunteer Friendly by completing the contact form or by calling us on 01382 305705.

Volunteer Friendly
Volunteer Dundee
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Tel. 01382 305705

Volunteer Friendly is based at Volunteer Dundee, a company registered in Scotland (SC257436), Scottish Charity Number SCO 27529, grant-aided by the Scottish Government.

In their own words

"I have introduced more structured process for recruiting volunteers e.g. new application form, set questions at informal talk, and process for exit interviews"

Volunteer Friendly