The Volunteer Friendly Award

We involve volunteers because they are motivated, have fun helping and tell us it lets them give something back to the community. Volunteers are crucial to Brae.

Mary Sneddon, Centre Manager,
Brae RDA Partnership (Riding for the Disabled).

Volunteer Centre Dundee's Investing in Volunteers accreditation expired this year so we thought that it was about time for us to put together the evidence that we are Volunteer Friendly.  It was a good time to review our practices as we've been recruiting new volunteers to help us with the administration of the Saltire Award and with delivery of services in the Voluntary Gateway, which we operate in partnership with Dundee Voluntary Action and Dundee Social Enterprise Network.

Two members of Dundee's peer assessor group got together at the end of October with some visitors from Voluntary Sector Gateway West Lothian to look at our portfolio of evidence.  We're very pleased to say that we've been approved as Volunteer Friendly!

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